Champa Incense Sticks Economy Box Pack

Champa Incense Sticks Economy Box Pack

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Our offered Champa Incense Sticks are the most popular incense sticks not only in India but across the world. These sticks are prepared using highly fragrant gums, resins, powder, Champa essential oil and other base ingredients that are obtained from all natural sources. All these ingredients are thoroughly blended to create a fine paste, which is then rolled over the bamboo sticks. This Champa Incense Sticks Economy Box Pack has been in usage since centuries for making a perfect ambiance for the sacred spaces.

Key Points:

  • It is a center of activity that helps in bringing peace to the place
  • Mild and long lasting aroma lingers the ambiance for hours
  • Helps in increasing the mental concentration
  • Burning incense keeps the negative vibes away