Chandan Incense Sticks Regular Box Pack

Chandan Incense Sticks Regular Box Pack

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Burning Sandalwood or Chandan Incense Sticks releases a woody fragrance and serves as the best alternative to other chemical air fresheners. The wood from which sandalwood oil is obtained to make is considered sacred. This being the reason, its aroma not only relieves anxiety but makes these sticks an ideal choice for religious ceremonies and aromatherapy. Our offered Regular Box Pack of Chandan Incense Sticks helps people in calming their mind and get a sound sleep, besides, is an excellent option for lowering down the blood pressure and preventing respiratory diseases.

Key Points:
  • Being made from natural ingredients, it does not harm pets, kids or older adults
  • Renders long lasting burning leaving lower amount of residue behind
  • Offered Regular Box Pack is perfect to be used during entire month
  • Should be used in ventilated space