Charlie Incense Sticks Economy Box Pack

Charlie Incense Sticks Economy Box Pack

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Subsequently over the centuries, mankind has been using incense to retain its necessity and values in making the atmosphere pleasant. In this modern world, people do not have time for themselves, thus, burning of a single stick each day in our lives can render excellent benefits to our physical and mental wellness. This being the reason, we offer Economy Box Pack of Charlie Incense Sticks that helps the air of a place quickly filled with pleasant and refreshing aroma. In order to prepare the top quality incense sticks, all the naturally derived base ingredient are thoroughly blended with the pure essential oil for creating a fine paste. The mentioned paste is later rolled over the bamboo sticks and these sticks are left for drying.

Key Points:
  • Renders long lasting burning leaving lower amount of residue behind
  • Safe for kids, pets and patients with respiratory problems
  • Helpful in aiding anxiety and rendering sound sleep
  • Do not include any kind of chemicals or additives