Mogra Incense Sticks Regular Box Pack

Mogra Incense Sticks Regular Box Pack

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Burning an incense stick is known to be an essential element at any religious or spiritual occasions all across the globe for centuries. This being the reason, we offer Mogra Incense Sticks that helps in the creation of sanctity feeling along with eliciting the spiritual mood. Its pleasing fragrance has a strong influence for eradicating all the negative thoughts. There are innumerable people around the world who believe that apart form creating serenity inspired ambiance, the incense of mogra has a curative affect on the health. The oil extracted from the flowers of jasmine plant is mixed with other base ingredients and later applied to the bamboo sticks and rolled to get the desired shape and left for appropriate time period for drying.

  • Recommended for purifying the environment, imparting positive vibes, etc.
  • Relieves build up of tension in the muscles by working as a muscle relaxer
  • Helps in aiding depression and insomnia by rendering sound sleep
  • The box pack works longer and is made using recyclable material