Natural Gugal Premium Incense Sticks

Natural Gugal Premium Incense Sticks

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With the inspiration of wide usage of Guggul or common myrrh in ayurvedic medicine, we are offering Natural Gugal Premium Incense Sticks. The sticks have warm, earthy, sweet, slight spicy aroma that helps in rejuvenating oneself, springs positive energy, relaxes mind, body and spirit. Our product cleanses, purifies, strengthen, relaxes and inhibit sleep. It is majorly used in meditation and yoga practices because of its soothing fragrance that leaves the atmosphere peaceful and fresh. Our Natural Gugal Premium Incense Sticks is also used for protecting various infections and also for restoring positive energies.

Key Features:
  • Burns evenly with minimum residue
  • Pure and pleasant redolence
  • Long lasting aroma and longer shelf life
  • Biodegradable and Eco friendly