Orient Champa Premium Incense Sticks

Orient Champa Premium Incense Sticks

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Purify and sanctify your surroundings with our Orient Champa Premium Incense Sticks. The sticks are pure and naturally made with paste of herbs and plant ingredients rolled over bamboo sticks and dried for specific time slot. The quality of our offering is remarkable because of stringent quality checks. Our incense sticks gives a long burning and lasting aromatic effect. Orient Champa Premium Incense Sticks are majorly used as room fresheners, for meditation, yoga sessions etc. Its aroma evokes positive energy and creates a relaxing ambiance. With its heavy yet sweet redolence it is also used in places of religious activities.

Major Benefits:
  • Aids in relaxation of mind, soul and body
  • Acts as a confidence booster
  • Deepen one's concentration & focus
  • Trim down anxiety and depression