Talisman Incense Sticks Regular Box Pack

Talisman Incense Sticks Regular Box Pack

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When it comes to Incense, there is a historic evidence in almost every culture around the globe that these sticks were used by our ancestors for various purposes such as aromatherapy and household. Since ages, people are aware that the aroma produced by burning different material uplifts the senses by enhancing the mood. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer Regular Box Pack of Talisman Incense Sticks that helps in enhancing the ambiance of a place and improving health of an individual.

Key Points:
  • Store the pack under cool and dry place for maintaining its shelf life
  • Ideal gifting option to relatives during festive season
  • Use it in a well ventilated room to avoid suffocation
  • Can disinfect the rooms with its powerful smoke