Vibrant Premium Incense Sticks Small Pouch Pack

Vibrant Premium Incense Sticks Small Pouch Pack

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Has anyone ever imagined, the amount of polluted air we inhale while burning candles and room fresheners made of chemicals? Burning of chemicals release plenty of toxic substances into the air that cannot be seen by our eyes unless through a microscope. A much safer alternative to all these chemical based products is the herbal incense. Our offered Small Pouch Pack of Vibrant Premium Incense Sticks is distinct because of the presence of dried herbs used for making incense. These sticks are prepared without using any chemicals, carcinogens or artificial scent.

Key Points:
  • Used in aromatherapy to heal cold and cough when its smoke is inhaled
  • Powerful yet mild aroma helps in uplifting the mood
  • Economically feasible pack that suits all budget
  • Enhances the mental concentration and focus